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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

HIV/AIDS medical research is a waste of money

Two thirds of this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine is awarded to Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier for their discovery of HIV, the virus that cause AIDS (the last third of the Prize goes to Harald zur Hausen for the discovery that the human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer). Although it is now 25 years since HIV was first isolated we are no closer of finding a cure/vaccine for it. It is becoming more and more clear that if our biggest interest lies in eradicating HIV we need to stop wasting time and money on medical research.

I have mentioned it before on this blog (e.g. Thabo Mbeki should have won Nobel Prize in medicine) that the HIV-virus has an almost unique combination of traits, which makes it so successful in spreading and avoiding being “caught”. The fact that HIV attacks our immune system’s “virus defence”, and that it constantly mutates is bad enough. An extra fuel to this fire is that the virus predominately spreads by sexual contact and has a very long incubation time.

Being that it is the less developed countries that are hit the most by the HIV plague. It feels almost somewhat immoral to do research for vaccines/cures that most of the HIV-exposed people in the world won’t be able to afford. The focus should instead be directed towards many of the so-called secondary causes to AIDS. The rapid spread of HIV is much due to the very intense promiscuous human nature, which is probably best addressed by ABC (Abstinence, Being Faithful, Condomise).

Moreover, it has been suggested that high food prices have a significant effect on both proactive and reactive HIV/AIDS measures. As can be found in a very interesting article by Peace Nganwa there are several less obvious causes to the spread of HIV, which all can be linked to food insecurity (see How high food prices increase the risk of HIV). For example high food prices forces many poor families to pull out their children from school, which deprives them of education about HIV/AIDS and ABC.

Although I have said it before, I will say it again. The battle against HIV/AIDS will not be won in the medical research labs, it can only be won out in the field. Efforts need to be put into minimize the secondary causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS. This has to be done by a change of attitudes, especially among politicians, and change of social and political structures. I am not entirely sure who will be best suited for this job, but I think there is a potential among the people that live in HIV-infested areas, and understand how the disease is linked to many other factors in society. If these people would be given the same resources as medical researches, I am sure they would be more successful in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jaha, och nästa gång det dyker upp ett virus som är lika avancerat som HIV men som dödar oss direkt? Är pengarna bortkastade då också? Eller vill du att vi skall återupprepa samma långsamma process att få fram bromsmediciner och vård då med?

Sjukt korkat inlägg.

Geoffrey Goines said...


Det talas om kostandseffektivitet överallt, men inte i detta fall, varför?

F ö så är HIV inte särskilt avancerat, utan istället en väldigt enkel och imperfekt patogen.

Anonymous said...

I like your thinking. I am from an African country that saw a drop in HIV infection from about 30% to 6%. The battle was won by the "ABC" technique but the war is still ongoing. You said it correctly that AIDS though caused by HIV is spread by social, political and economic factors. A child out of school is more likely to contract the virus, a commercial sex worker trying to find a way out of poverty has a higher chance of catching the virus, a person with the virus but living in poverty and so cannot afford good nutrition has a high chance of getting Aids. The list goes on. Governments should focus efforts on preventing the spread, on improving the lifestyles of the poor, on health care and education.

Geoffrey Goines said...


I am glad to hear some concurrence from a person from Africa.
I hope for a shift in paradigm when it come to fighting HIV/AIDS, as this pathogen/disease is not like anything we encountered before, and we really need some thinking outside the box to be able to win this battle.

Gustaf said...

Are you saying that ARV's are not helpful in the battle against HIV?
They have cut the mortality tremendously in the western world, and enabled HIV-infected mothers in Africa and elsewhere to give birth to HIV-negative children, in this way severly curtailing the effect of the epidemic.

To say that the research leading up to ARV's were not cost effective, given the number of lives saved, seems an extremely strong, and very unlikely statement...

Geoffrey Goines said...


Sorry, but were have the ARVs cut down mortality? Most HIV-positive in the world are excluded (for various reasons) from the benefit of getting ARVs. And moreover, if you read the article that i linked to, you see that the ARVs have little effect among the poorest people.

Furthermore, correct me if I am wrong, but hasnt the transmission of HIV from mother to child upon birth has mainly been due to poor health care and lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS?

apostle said...


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Anonymous said...

Den som arbetat 10 år med HIVpositiva gravida kvinnor är tacksam och glad för den medicinska forskningen. Varje rön minskade smittan och lidandet, vidare smitta samt pengar för samhället. Glad att fått bidra till detta på mitt sätt. Elina

Geoffrey Goines said...


Jag hoppas att du läste den länk som fanns i inlägget om hur ökning i matpriser är kopplad till HIV.
Må vara att mediciner lindrar för många HIV sjuka, men om penagarna som lagts på HIV-forksningen lagts på andra åtgärder så hade man troligen minskat lidandet ännu mer.

Liz said...


Perhaps you should be approaching the scientists and researchers in terms they acknowledge (such as scientific ones), rather than religious ones, and then they will listen. And afterwards, if it turns out you are right, THEN you will be incredibly famous and have the ability to preach your good news to your hearts content.

Because you know that they refuse your valid information based on your inclusion of religion, it is your own fault you are being rejected, and your own fault that you do not have the opportunity to spread G-d. People are more open to ideas when you aren't trying to shove them down their throats.

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