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Monday, 23 March 2009

The South African government upholds its tradition

South African governments from the past (especially between the years 1948-1994) loved to act in the best interest of their own kind. Stuff like morality and justice was given very little room. At present the current South African government, with president Motlanthe and ANC president Zuma in charge, is trying it foremost to uphold the tradition of this filthy mentality.

By giving into Chinese demands of not inviting Nobel Prize winner Dalai Lama to a peace summit in South Africa, the South African government is clearly showing its standpoint. A standpoint that says “oppression based on ethnicity is justified, as long it doesn’t affect me or my loved ones”. Hence, we can not expect South Africa to stand up against injustice in the world, unless that “injustice” is criticism against Mugabe, corruption charges against Zuma, challenging the ANC, and so on...

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Zulu said...

Actually, while your Swedish military establishment held secret contacts with the White Apartheid government in South Africa, the Chinese were the staunch supporters of the African National Congress and its anti-Apartheid Struggle.

Your apparent standpoint that says "judgment based on pure ethnicity alone, as opposed to what the historical facts are, is always justified" suggests a tradition of your own.

Anonymous said...

So Zulu, what's your point? Because the chinese did the right thing about 30 years ago it's perfectly alright for South Africa to keep quiet about the human rights abuses that are going on in their own back yard and elsewhere?

Geoffrey Goines said...


Not really catching your point.
Didnt the swedish goverment also provide support to the ANC?
And furthermore, were the Chinese that involved in the South African struggle? I thought it was primarily the Soviet union and Cuba.

If I understand u correctly, u say that as long as one has been a freedom fighter in the past, he/she can do whatever they want in the present. Let me guess, u are one of the thugs holding down Lady Justice while Zuma is unbuckling his pants...?

Zulu said...

Human Rights, o yeah. Thanks, how about treating those who may appear to you only a bunch of thuggish sub-humans in South Africa still like...say, humans?

Yes, yes, blacks are criminals. Your noble Birth Rights already make you be the sole arbiter of this world. Let me guess. If it's up to you, you yourself won't invite certain people to your own country, and those already in should be instead ... (silence, since everyone understands.)

Geez, I'd better stop, since the evolving ape doesn't seem to have checked facts before launching his ad hominem attack.

Geoffrey Goines said...


No I never said that blacks are criminals. But I am implying that South Africans are genereally morons.

"If it's up to you, you yourself won't invite certain people to your own country, and those already in should be instead ... (silence, since everyone understands.)"

Again I'm not sure what you are gaining at, pls explain, and also pls explain in what why China did mor for the ANC then the swedish goverment during apartheid.

5180 said...

The Tibet issue is very complicated. By saying that the chinese government opresses the tibetans based on ethnicity, you really show your lack of knowledge regarding chinese culture and Tibet's history. Things are not only black and white.

Geoffrey Goines said...


Well nothing is black and white in this world. The same goes for the behavior of the apartheid government, and the current South African government.

Jonathan said...

Hej Evolving Ape,

Som bekant så närmar sig mötet i Bonn där det kommer att samlas förhandlare från hela världen för att diskutera ramverket och även diskutera vad som ska finnas på agendan för det möte som kommer att ske i Köpenhamn i höst. Sammanfattningsvis så är mötet i Bonn (troligen) viktigare än det i Köpenhamn.

Majoriteten av dem som bloggar på har bestämt sig för att resa ner till Bonn och på så vis bevaka vad som händer under Bonn mötet som pågår den 1a juni till och med den 12 juni. Det kommer även pågå en kampanj vid namn adopt a negotiator som går att finna på Denna går ut att hålla kolla på att de förslag Sverige för fram vilar på en rättvis grund.

Jag vill uppmuntra dig till att även du uppmärksamma Bonn, det är viktigt att så många som möjligt gör det! Så referera gärna till bloggen på och skriv om Bonn. Om du använder ange Bonn2 som tag.

Har du några frågor angående coola ner eller adopt a negotiator, så är det bara att skicka ett mail till

Vänliga hälsningar
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