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Friday, 13 March 2009

Uganda - more then just bad news

I noticed that two of Sweden’s biggest newspapers Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet, reported today on two events that involved Uganda. One was about a shopping mall collapsing in the capital, leaving at least five people dead. The other article was about the Ugandan terrorists LRA (Lord’s Resistence Army) that are leaving a trace of humanitarian disasters wherever they decide to pillage. This unusually large amount of reports from this part of the world might be seen as depressing reading for some. Therefore I want to do some very brief advertise for the nature and wildlife of the country in order to balance the bad press. (Let me also just point out that the LRA does not operate anywhere close to Uganda’s (eco) tourist destinations).

In Uganda, which is just half the size of Sweden, you can find some of the following:
  • Lake Victoria does not only hold many fish species, but also contain a true Darwian demon (I’m not kidding).
  • The country houses some 330 species of land living mammals, which is approximately twice as many as can be found in the whole of Europe.
  • The number of birds species found in Uganda is over 1 000 (approximately 700 species for the whole of Europe).
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