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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Lets hope Obama have terrorist connections

The Republican vice-president candidate Sarah Palin accused Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of association with terrorists. Obama apparently have been on the same charity board as Bill Ayers, a “former leading 1960s militant”. Although Ayers’ organization, the Weatherman, was behind several bombings of governmental buildings during the late 60s, it is far from clear one can stamp Ayers or his organization as terrorists.

The story of Ayers reminds me a bit of another 1960s “terrorist”, whose organisation started their bombing campaign against governmental building and offices in 1961. For more than three decades that the organization was active some 800 people were killed. The name of the organization and its founder? Umkhonto we Sizwe and Nelson Mandela.

It would be interesting to see if Palin regards Ayers, but not Mandela, as a terrorist. Both men aimed their actions on the symbols of the political systems in their countries, respectively. Although it might be disputable, I see no clear indication that Ayers or Mandela had civilian casualties as their goal. And as long as that is the case neither of the men can be accused of being terrorists.

However, if it would stand clear that Bill Ayers is actual a terrorist, than of course all American people should vote for Obama. I mean, if being neighbour to Russia gives one all the necessary skills to be a national security expert, imagine the skills in anti-terrorism gained from being friend with a terrorist...

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Eric Dondero said...

Bill Ayers is not the only Terrorist Obama is connected too. Obama is second cousins with Raila Odinga, the muderous thug aspiring dictator of Kenya. He's responsible for the deaths of thousands of non-Muslims post-election in 2007.

And Obama went to Kenya to campaign for the SOB.

Why in the bloody hell is the media not reporting this?

Anonymous said...

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's commander in Afghanistan has said the war against the Taliban cannot be won, the Sunday Times reported.

It quoted Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith as saying in an interview that if the Taliban were willing to talk, then that might be "precisely the sort of progress" needed to end the insurgency.

"We're not going to win this war. It's about reducing it to a manageable level of insurgency that's not a strategic threat and can be managed by the Afghan army," he said.

He said his forces had "taken the sting out of the Taliban for 2008" but that troops may well leave Afghanistan with there still being a low level of insurgency.

NATO commanders and diplomats have been saying for some time that the Taliban insurgency cannot be defeated by military means alone and that negotiations with the militants will ultimately be needed to bring an end to the conflict.

Abasiama said...

The Republicans are getting desperate, it's so obvious. Bush has been linked with Osama Bin Laden's family and he is still in the white house. He is a Republican. Well the Reps cannot convince the American people that they can lead so the attacking the one that has proven himself to be a leader.
Obama was born to lead.

Franco Un-American said...

The Bush-administration ARE terrorists. Obama HAS to win this election. Unfortunately the US is one of those few countries in the world where the people COULD actually elect a candidate like McCain over Obama. Hell, just look at who the Americans "elected" twice the past years. I bet that if this election was in ANY European country, a candidate like McCain wouldn't stand a chance. I'm sure that the Obama-campaign can find a lot of dirt on McCain and Palin, but they seem to focus on POLITICS.

Bill said...

As an independent, I found this comment lowbrow to the point of being offensive. Regardless of my agreements and disagreements with Obama's views, he is clearly a good American and a man of character, and despite some cynicism from his campaign on some matters I did not like, this accusation of him linked to terrorists is irresponsible and disgraceful conduct. The Democrats took the high road during the VP debates when Biden could have easily attacked Palin and reduced her to shreds with more plausible claims, but didn't. Pity Palin didn't follow their example and instead made this disgusting comment. I may be an independent, but after today I hope that the McCain/Palin ticket fails as it deserves.

JohnnyLaw said...

If Bill Ayers is a terrorist, then the Republican administration is guilty of providing asylum to a terrorist. The fact is, the charges against him personally were dropped, he's a professor and he happens to have been on the same CHARITY board as Obama. Palin insinuating that this has something to do with Obama's character is absurd.

Her refusal to answer questions (yes even at the debate), her perky (scripted) outbursts and that annoying wink - I honestly don't see what ANYONE sees in her. Don't get me started on the "maverick" thing. As if proclaiming yourself a maverick, a rebel within your own party, is the only way your party can survive the reputation it has created in the past 8 years.

The whole Republican campaign is about deception, because the truth is they've brought our once great nation to it's knees recently. The bailout was another (successful!) scare tactic from Bush. We just gave Wall Street a $700 billion award for being incompetent in managing their own affairs once deregulated (thanks McCain). Once again the little guy is footing the bill for big business, and it's a drop in the bucket that won't prevent the looming credit default swaps collapse (another example of Wall Street's fragile incompetence).

But hey, you should re-elect a Republican, because "the other guy" allows reformed people to help out with a charity. Get a grip, and try restoring your party's dignity with a little class. I'm not holding my breath...

Anonymous said...

this is the most outrageous and plain stupid comment I have seen in my life --Palin is so damn dumb it is hard to imagine -- and SHE thinks she is going to be POTUS (at least, that's the way an awful lot of people see it) -- the GOP is really going to hell, they are so desparate it is unbelievable -- I can't believe that McCain would allow this - I thought he was an honorable man

Norwegian said...

This comment of hers just proves how stupid you can be, but still manage to be a governor in Alaska.

Are USA really considering McCain and Palin to lead their country?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Eric Dondero; please read this: