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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My Tintin cast

Rumors has it that Steven Spielberg is about to start filming The adventure of Tintin, staring Jamie Bell as the young journalist/ adventurer. Being a big fan of Tintin I have many times pondered over who would be most fitted to play the different characters in a Tintin motion picture. I feel it is an outrage that mr Spielberg didn’t contact me before casting the actors. But it is his loss. Here are the actors that should have gotten the main parts:

Brad Pitt – Tintin
Perhaps passed his time a bit, but lets take Brad from the early 90s for this role. I chose him partly because of his short height, which fits nicely with Tintin’s petite build body.

Mickey Rourke - Captain Haddock
There are probably many good actors that could play this role. But I think that Mickey's natural raw and rough style would make become Captain Haddock rather than just playing him.

Michael Jeter - Professor Cuthbert Calculus
Unfortunately Michael isn’t with us anymore, but he would have been just perfect for this role. His, short but memorable, performance in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is all the audition that is needed.

José López Rodero - Thomson and Thompson
Quite unknown actor, probably best remembered for playing the twin book storekeepers in the movie The Night Gate. Seems to have the right looks and the experience of doubling his role in movies for this role. (Sorry for the low quality photo).

Lois Maxwell – Bianca Castafiore
This is a tricky one. Women in Bianca’s age that beam confidence and self-esteem are difficult to find. I was considering a middle-aged Judi Dench, but finally decided on Lois “Miss Moneypenny” Maxwell, preferably from the early 70s.

I have very low expectations of getting my ideas through to mr Spielberg (especially as two of the actors are already dead, and one is too old for his role…). But maybe my casting kills will give me a job in the future, who know.

Ps. No, I haven’t forgotten about Snowy. I would chose that dog from the sitcom Fraiser. Just painting him white first...

Update: Damn, I was hoping that either Mickey or Brad would have won an Oscar today.
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Leo said...

Sorry to say, but I actually think that your Tintin cast is rather terrible.

Geoffrey Goines said...

Give it some time Leo, and you will see that I´m right about this

Henrik Sundström said...

Funny idea and good choices, too.

I can't offer any contenders for the role of Idefix (the dog), but here's how I would cast the other parts:
Tintin - Matt Damon
Captain Haddock - Robert Deniro
Professor Tournesol (Calculus) - Rowan Atkinson
Bianca Castafiore - Meryl Streep

Geoffrey Goines said...

Interesting choices as well. Matt Damon would be cool as Tintin. I might be a bit skeptic about DeNiro though.
How about the Thompson's?

Henrik Sundström said...

Alright, let's forget about Deniro - what do you think about Gerard Depardieu or Jean Reno as Haddock?
And as for the Thompsons, what about Tom Cruise and Daniel Day-lewis? :-)
And i reconsidered Tintin and think Johnny Depp would do fine.

Geoffrey Goines said...

I like the suggestion for the Thompsons.

Johnny Deep as Tintin? No, he would probably decline that offer and go for one of the villain roles...