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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A nice yummy grilled gorilla steak

News from central Africa are spreading around the world. Big populations of the lowland gorilla have been discovered, and the total number of this particular primate species may now reach well over 200 000 individuals, a doubling from before. These are splendid news as I have been yearning to try some gorilla meat for a long time. I can finally make a little “gorilla withdraw,” just in time for my BBQ next weekend. Though I have not decided yet to go for one big male, or two smaller individuals, and thus maybe try to grill one and use the other one in a stew.

No, seriously. I wont have gorilla steaks at my BBQ, I doubt it will get through customs in time, and besides people are usually so prejudice when it comes to trying new food. But I respect people’s reluctance in this case, as consumption of endangered species is a disgusting habit.

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