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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Revolutionists still present in South Africa?

The Umkhonto weSizwe Veterans' Association stated today that the Scorpions is a "counter-revolutionary force" in South Africa. Does this mean that there are still revolutionary forces present in the country that need protection?

I certainly hope not, especially as the kind of “revolutionary behaviour” intended here has to be interpreted as communism- oriented. And lets be honest, communism has basically only brought one good thing to the world in the last half century, and that is the facilitation in overthrowing the apartheid regime in South Africa. It was a must useful help then, but today, in a modern South Africa society, communist ideas and values should be discouraged.

So please, "revolutionist" of South Africa, enjoy the freedom that you have been involved in bringing to the country but now leave its inhabitants in peace. Your ideas and values do not fit in a free society, take the word for it from those that have experienced communism.

Umkhonto weSizwe, the South Africa liberation army during the struggle against apartheid, 1960-1994.
Scorpions, could be considered as the South African equivalent to the American FBI

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